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4 Basic Questions about Blog and Instagram photography…


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I get a lot of inquiries about my photo’s, who takes them, what I take them with etc etc.

Fun fact about me..   Before I was a blogger,  I was a photographer.. and the initial reason I started Stuff She Likes was to share more of my photography.

So for this post I am going to answer  4 basic questions for those of you starting out or those looking to refresh your routine.

1. What Camera do you use?
I use a combination of camera’s depending on what I am doing.  My main sources of photo’s come from either  a Canon 5D , a Fuji x-t10 and my iPhone 6.  

Note:  I recommend the iPhone 6s plus if possible.   I am regretting getting the smaller phone.

But if you are starting out and want a camera that can handle everything you do efficiently and beautifully I say get the Fuji xT10.  It’s small, portable and has interchangeable lenses.    It also has built in wifi for on the go transfers straight to your phone. This camera combined with the iPhone will have your blog and Instagram looking great.

Note: I recommend buying the Fuji x-T10 Kit and then adding a lens or two as you go.

2. What  do you use to edit your photo’s?
When on my computer I use Adobe Lightroom CC.  Lightroom is where I organize and do all my color corrections and edits to the photo’s that go on my blog.  I have been using Lightroom since my photography days and absolutely cannot live without it.

When on my phone for Instagram and social media photo’s I mostly use VSCO and Snapseed.  I love both because you can really fine tune your photo’s to your particular style.  People are always amazed at the photo’s I am able to create with just my iPhone and these two photo editing apps.

All these apps and editing tools may seem complicated at first but you will get the hang of them in no time.  I suggest in your free time just playing with them.. it’s a great way to learn pressure free.

3. What should I set my camera on?
I personally say stick with the auto settings when you start out.  Unless you are familiar with F stop’s, shutter speeds and ISO it can get quite complicated.  Often the auto setting will give you a great foundation on which you can edit to perfection.

4. What Lens do you use?
Right now I am using both the 18-55mm (zoom) and a 35mm (fixed).   If you prefer a fixed wide angle lens the Fujinon XF27mm F2.8 is the way to go.   The lenses can get pricey but it will be the difference between a really great quality shot and a shot that you could have simply taken on your phone.

  I hope this helps a bit.. feel free to comment on insta and ask me any questions you like..

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9 responses to “4 Basic Questions about Blog and Instagram photography…”

  1. LV says:

    Thank you for sharing such great tips

  2. TAYE!!! Im so proud and in AWE of you! You have morphed and allowed your gifts to flow through you!! Im overwhelmed with RESPECT and Love for your vision, gifts and Style. Onward with Light and Love sis!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for these amazing tips! Love seeing your fantastic eye for photography~

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