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The new year is finally here..  I would like to say that this is going to be a post all about how we should glide into 2016 with our resolutions firmly in hand.. and that my lack of posting has been due to a countless amount inner thinking and soul searching…  but the hard honest truth is a combination of mostly two circumstances……I was sick with two types of Flu throughout the entire holidays… thus posting was at a minimum and new photo shoots were practically at a halt.. Besides, if you are on Instagram you have most likely gotten your fill of my ” sudo-philosophical on to the New Year it’s 2016″ posts, from me and just about everyone else on social media…  Gotta love the social.. who needs therapy.. Instagram’s got it covered!
With that said .. I am not yet 100%.. but definitely on my way back to complete health, hopefully sooner than later with zero relapses in sight..  So I thought (for no real practical reason other than it was there) that a very male inspired androgynous post would be a great way to start the year.   Why the heck not!
Happy New Year.. lets all kick some major 2016 butt..

 Like a Boy

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