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8 Perfect Little Black Dress’s from starting at $34 bucks..

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When I was a kid.. my mom would always say..

 “When in doubt.. just wear black”.

You may have noticed that I have been wearing a whole lot of black lately..  I have to say I have seriously taken a liking to the color.  The mystery..
..the sexiness.. Black has the ability to make any outfit no matter the price look unbelievably chic.. 

So I am going to take my moms theory a step further and say ..

“When feeling chic on the inside.. wear black on the outside”
Okay I haven’t quite perfected my quote yet.. you totally get where I am going with it right!? 
With all that said,  I am really into the LBD aka Little Black Dress.   Not only does it not require a whole lot of effort.. because let’s be honest.. who really has a lot of time to ponder over what to wear these days.. we are all to busy trying to conquer the world… But it simply always looks so darn good!
So I’ve put together a sweet list of some of my favorite LBD’s and the best part is that they range in price from $39 to $250 bucks.. You absolutely can’t go wrong!  What’s your favorite color?

Happy shopping..

Let me know which one’s you get..
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