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My 3 Step DIY Hair Blowout..

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Now that I have had a few weeks to live with my new hair. Bangs and all.. I thought it only fair to share some of my tips, tricks and products for the perfect at home blowout.   There is nothing like heading to the salon and getting a blowout.  No work involved.. But I am pretty sure that the majority of us out there don’t really have that luxury every few days..

So how to get a perfect or near perfect blowout at home?  Totally doable.

I have 3 easy steps that will have you looking like you just left the DryBar…

For me it starts with my products.  Styling products before and after you blow your hair out are essential.  Tiny bits of a couple products will take your at home blowout to salon status.

Step 1
Fresh out of the shower while my hair is still damp I always use a good leave in conditioner.  I prefer a light creme based one to a spray.  Next add a little hair oil.  This is where you have to be super careful.  A tiny amount no more that a dime size in your hand is all you need. These two products will help protect your hair from the heat damage of your dryer.  

(Note on bangs)
For those of us with bangs, section your bangs off and clip them down.  This will keep them damp while you dry the rest of your hair.  The key to great bangs are blowing them out while they are still significantly damp.

Make sure you have a great round brush.  Once you get the hang of a round brush it will change your life.  Adding beautiful volume to your blowout.  

Step 2
Now being that I have curly hair my blowout does not end with the hair dryer..  Flat ironing the roots of my hair are essential to good movement.  If I want less volume and more a more sleek look I will flat iron all the way to the ends.  

Step 3
Then comes the fun part.  Use a tiny amount of hair paste and hair spray to give your hair a little texture and set the blowout.   With the paste,  rub a small amount between the palm of your hands to warm it up and from the bottom up crunch it through your hair.  I cannot stress enough how a very very very little amount of this goes a really long way.

With the hairspray, lightly spray from he bottom.  Don’t forget to hold the can at least 10 inches from your head.  The goal is to dust your hair not saturate it.

I have been using a shower filter for 6 months now and it has drastically helped both my skin and my hair.  The harsh chemicals in tap water can reek havoc on the health of your hair.

And there you have it.. My three step at home DIY blowout.

Don’t forget to check the links above for the products I am loving right now.

What are some of your tips and tricks to a great blowout?

Happy Friday

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  1. B Boebel says:

    I need to try this! Thanks for sharing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love your hair all the time! Now I know your secret!

  3. This post is so informative especially the images posted here do make this blog more outstanding in comparison to others maybe this post needs. Best ombre

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