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Doe Eyes and Doll Lashes for NYE w/ Ulta Beauty

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Sometimes “special occasion” make up can be quite intimidating.. for me its replicating those super cool yet simple looks that are are on the run ways or in the pages of my favorite magazine.. that actually are not so simple..

Yet doe eyes and doll lashes can be super simple and super cool with three easy steps and with New Years Eve in just one day away it’s the perfect time to glam up your look.

This month I  partnered up with Ulta Beauty to bring you my three easy steps to getting the uber sexy, trendy, runway worthy Does eyes and Doll lashes..

 Step 1
Cover your entire eyelid with one single color shadow.  For this look I used A beautiful Golden Peach from the Urban Decay Vice Palette (in store only, linked similar).
Step 2
Apply Ardell Proffesional Natural Lashes with their Latex free dark lash glue.  For this post I used the 117 Black. 
Step 3
Line your lash line with black liquid liner.  You can line your eye with whatever line you like best..  I gave my line a little, straight slightly downward wing which helps to create the “doe” eye.  I also  kept the line medium in size, not to thin and not too fat.  Here I used Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner.
Step 4 (optional)
I always apply Ulta Legendary Lengths Mascara to the base of my upper lashes to help blend the two.. and I always apply a coat of mascara to my bottom lashes to finish off the look.  
There you have it.. the entire process only takes about 10 minutes to complete..  Happy New Year!

*Sponsored by Ulta Beauty

 Doe Eyes And Doll Lashes..  NYE never looked better!

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    Gorgeous darling!!!

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