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One Tiny Event…

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 The Look
Dress: Calypso St Barts
Boots: Zara

There is something about walking in the the streets of LA that gives you a sense of revitalization.  We are always in our cars here.. so strolling the city is more of a luxury and that a normality. 

This post is less about what I am wearing and more about how I am feeling.

The past couple of weeks have been a sort of whirlwind in my life. 
Not that I could not see my future before.. but before a few weeks ago I imagined it completely different.  I am a bit stubborn and that along with being super independent.. I like to do things my way.  It’s how I have managed to get through life thus far intact and in one piece.

But I saw a quote the other day that put my life at this very moment into perspective..

It’s said something like..

“One tiny event can change the entire course of your life”
Now I do believe that it is in fact a set of tiny events put into motion that lead to that one event that will change the course of your life.  Along with the course of your thinking.. your heart..our consciousness.. your ability to compromise and most if all your willingness to let the universe take you exactly where you are suppose to be.  
This is undeniably what is happening in my world.  
So I say all of this to remind you,  as well as myself,  to surrender and let life make some of the choices for you.. and when those choices are presented.. no matter what form.. go with it..  You only live once!



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10 responses to “One Tiny Event…”

  1. Looking gorgeous doll ūüôā xo

  2. Yuka says:


  3. x D x says:

    Really like your post, the unpredictable things in life are what makes it special. love your look btw, the boho style is so nice x

  4. Great post! I really love how inspiring it is. I could always use some inspiration. I love this dress on you and I hope life does take you to where you need to be. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Seriously beautiful piece. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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