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Most of you have probably seen by now that I said goodbye to my blonde tresses and said hello to once again being brunette.   If I calculate correctly it’s been at least a couple years since I have been full brunette.  The road to blonde took me from Ombre to Balyage to full on Blonde to dark roots and finally back to this dark rich dark chocolate.  And I have to say not even a week back to brunette and I am loving it.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVED my blonde.. but I was ready for a change.  

It all started with a blowout. 
The Sally Hershberger Salon invited me to experience their new 24k hair products accompanied by a blow out and that’s when the conspiring began.  First with Cassondra (colorist) then with Nicolas (stylist).   That was a Thursday and little did I know that those would be my last few days as a blonde.. at least for now.  That following Wednesday I was back to brown.. and to my surprise back to bangs.  Anybody here been a die hard reader of Stuff She Likes since the beginning?  If so you know I have had a whole lot of hair cuts and color.   Remember the dark heavy bangs.. both with long and short hair..?

So going from blonde to brunette makes my hair look super healthy.. but it is fact that all my damage from being blonde for so long is still there.  Thus time for new products and lot and lots of deep conditioning.

… And I have to say there are a whole new set products for this new look.  Especially with my bangs.  

I am going to share 7 essentials and some of my faves in this post.  

My natural hair is fine yet curly.. porous yet tends to be on the greasy side.  So a good balance between moisture, oil, proper conditioning, a great molding paste and of course a good dry texture spray and a great flatiron all come into play..

So let’s get to it .. Shop some of my faves below.

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