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Fall in Summer in October.. How to dress for FALL when it’s still hot out..

 The Look
Romper: Cooper Street c/o
Hat: Forever 21 (Similar)
Shoes: Sole Society (similar)
Bag: Sole Society

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How to wear black in 100 degree temps… lets revisit our little convo from my last post.. Sweltering heart in October.  While the rest of the country is cooling down, we here in Los Angeles are majorly heating up with no apparent end in sight.  I just looked at the weather App on my iphone.. lets just say today at 84 degrees will be amongst the coolest of the week.  So what to do when you want to sort of dress for Fall but any type of layering is out if the question?

I say throw on a summer look.. in a darker color.. this goes for you folks in places that actually never really cool down as well.. I know you are out there.. Okay so back to the post..

80 degree Fall.. Darker summer looks..  ie. shorts romper.. a version of layering.. ie.. this giant faux suede hat.. and enclosed yet flat or stacked heeled booties.. in this case leopard..  which always says fall..

Now if you are in a cooler place.. take this look and layer the heck out of it.  Boots and a sweater will do..

Yay it’s Wednesday..  How are you guys dealing with the weather where ever you are?

Photos Brandon Espy
Fall in Summer in Fall in Summer in October..

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8 responses to “Fall in Summer in October.. How to dress for FALL when it’s still hot out..”

  1. Liz Lauren says:

    love this outfit

    Ray-Ban Giveaway on my blog!

  2. Great way to dress for fall in the heat. The temps have been very fall like here in Chicago. I will be envious of you when it is winter here. You look great!


  3. I'm so in love with this lace!

  4. B Boebel says:

    You look gorgeous here! xoxo

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