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Bold EyeBrows.. We can all get them…Even if we don’t have them.

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The bold brow.. most if us want them.. dare I say a giant portion of us absolutely do not have them.. myself included.

I’ve teamed up with the amazing folks over at  Ulta Beauty and People Stylewatch Magazine again this month to show you how to achieve the luscious bold eyebrows of this season.  

I for one am an eyebrow fanatic of sorts.  If you follow me at all on Instagram or Snapchat.. you might have read or heard that I do not leave the house under any circumstances without filling in my brows.  In fact the photo’s you are about to see may be the first time that my bare brows have been exposed to the public.

Let me give you a little back story.. 

..My love for the bold brow started back in high school..  and my complete understanding that I do not at all possess them also started in high school.   That is when I learned that if you ain’t got it.. you can still have it..  Ha!  Get it?   Thus began my life of filling in my eyebrows.

For those of us out there who may find this a daunting task,   allow this post and it’s accompanying visuals to change your mind..  Filling in your brows can be quick and easy…and achieving a bold brow is just as quick and easy.  Trust me,  not only will you be on trend, but it will transform your entire face.

Note:  I am wearing very minimal make up in this post to show you how a bold brow can transform your entire face even when you have no time for anything else.

1. I recommend always starting with a clean brow.  If you have applied your foundation take a small cloth or tissue and wipe any excess from you eyebrows.  I find that a clean brow free of make up and oils makes for a better canvas.  Your color will go on smooth and more even.

2. Start with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. 

This is the base of your bold brow.   This is where you create your shape.    Follow the natural shape of your brows.  I may lack thickness.. but you will notice that my brows are naturally arched.  So I enhance that arch with the Brow Wiz pencil.  Example: If your brows are straight across go with that shape.

Start with small tiny thin strokes.. its better to have to apply more than attempting to remove excess.  believe me I learned that lesson the hard way.  I always start at the strongest section on my brows which (for me) happens to be right before my arch and apply back from there.. adding color to the front after I have established this shape.   The strongest point on the brow is different for everyone..  I recommend really studying your brows in the mirror to find that place.

3. Once you have established our base shade and shape with the pencil,   it’s time to get  little heavy handed and fill them in even more with the Anastasia Brow Duo powder.  This is where you really start to make them bold,  filling in the gaps that the pencil has left behind.  My hair is naturally dark so I go with the dark brown powder.  NEVER, I repeat… NEVER use black power.. I like to start my brows right between the bridge of my nose and the inner corner of my eye.  This is a personal preference.. 

Note: Finnish your first brow before moving in to the other one so you can make sure it is the shape and size you want to to be. Use a Qtip to correct any mistakes.

See the major difference between my non filled brow and my filled brow..  My eye even has the appearance of being more lifted.

4. After you have finished both brows and you are satisfied with the way they came out, apply Anastasia Highlighting Duo directly to the brow bone to highlight and give the illusion of an even more arched and bold brow.   Be sure to blend this in well..  No stripes.

5. Add Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brown Gel sweeping back and fourth gently to coat all the hairs and brush upward to set the shapeI also like a good tinted gel to add even more to the bold look of my brows.

6. Always check in the mirror to make sure your brows are even and as bold as you want them.  And Voila.. From no brows to bold brows in just a couple minutes.

What are some of your techniques to achieve a bold brow?

*Sponsored by Ulta Beauty and Peoples StyleWatch Magazine

The Bold Eyebrow..

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