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It’s been quite a while since I let over a week pass by without posting here in Stuff She Likes.  I actually can’t recall if I have ever done that.  But over the past week I have been traveling abroad for work.  Paris to be exact and in the little free time I had I said.. outloud.. to myself.. 

 “Should I stay in an sit in-front of my computer or should I take in as much of Pairs as I can?”
I obviously went with the later.  I hope you guys don’t mind too much.  I am now back in the U.S. straight to New York for New York Fashion Week.  But I woke up this morning,  still all kinds of messed up from the 9 hour time difference and thought I miss you guys.. I miss writing.. I need to get some things out.  So here I am.. after all,  this is a personal style blog along with all the other wonderful verbs I use to describe this little baby of mine.  
So I say all this to say.. I am not sure how regularly over the next 6 days that I will be posting here.. as the hobnob and constant on the go of New York Fashion week tends to take virtually all the minutes of the day.. But as you have been doing over the last week.. you can catch all the action on my Instagram.. or (but not as frequently) on my SnapChat at Taye Hansberry.
Thanks for hanging in there over the last week and thanks for hanging in over the next week. 
You gals and guys all ROCK!

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