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Deep wrinkles… We all fear them.. We all feel like they are an inevitable fact of life.    But they don’t have to be.  So many of the older women in my family are void of deep wrinkles.  Some would call it genetics..  Yes Genetics may play a part in it.. But lifestyle and the way we care for our skin has the most to do with it.    What we eat, how we handle stress, how much we exercise and using the right products all contribute to the anti aging process.     I partnered up with RoC skincare to spread the word about lifestyle, serums and the annual Wrinkle Ranking.   Yep.. you read right.. Wrinkle Ranking.

So many people love to make fun of the way Californians live… The juice cleanses, the vitamins, the herbs, the vegan diets and everything else in between.. but did you know that out if all the States surveyed in the 2nd annual RoC Wrinkle Ranking, California ranked #36 of people with the least wrinkles.  That is no coincidence.

There are all kinds of things we can do to prevent deep wrinkles.. Eat right..  I am a firm believer that the right kinds of oils, plenty of water, lots of vitamins and loads of green juice are a huge component to fighting wrinkles.. But what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body.  

Lets chat Serum.  I am a beauty routine fanatic.  Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t like a whole lot of steps in my beauty routine.. but a good two to three steps that include an amazing serum will prevent and help correct deep wrinkles.   For those of us that are unfamiliar with serum, it’s the step between your cleanser and your moisturizer.   Serum travels deep through the layers of your skin to help control sun damage, environmental damage, man made damage and those nights that we are simply just too tired to remove our make up.. believe you me I have had more than a few nights like that this week.  

So if you love to take a Selfie like me..  Don’t forget Serum it up..   Day and night..  Because Prevention is the key.  Not to mention..  Your selfie will thank you.

To find out where your state ranks in the 2nd annual RoC Wrinkle Ranking click HERE

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