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Lobster, Coke and a Smile…

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 When I think of the word rumble..Lobster is generally not the first thing that pops into my mind.

First let me start by giving you the definition of the word Rumble according to Yahoo..

RUMBLE: verb rum·ble ˈrəm-bəl
 a street fight between gangs or large groups

Okay you with me..

I attended the Tasting Table’s Lobster Rumble with Coca-Cola Life in Los Angeles last week..
…and I have to say my life is forever changed for the better.  Not only did I get to eat copious amounts of lobster to my little hearts content but I got finally try the new super refreshing cane sugar and stevia sweetened Coca-Cola life soda.  Score!


Picture it.. 16 different restaurants from around the country all placed in a open outside space in their own individual tents serving up their very best lobster rolls and all the Coca-Cola Life beverages you can handle.  Like can you say heaven!   

An amazing DJ, a super cute photo booth, a VIP raw bar and a chance to vote on your favorite Lobster Roll, although how on earth could I vote when everything was amazing.  with Downtown LA providing the perfect backdrop as these 16 restaurants rumbled to prove who’s best when it comes to the all mighty Lobster Roll.  Get it?    Lobster Rumble!  

Needless to say that you can’t really go wrong with any form of butter and lobster sandwiched in a  toasted bun and with a delicious Coca-Cola life beverage to wash it all down.  I am going to have to proclaim that that his night is right there at the top of my list of one of my favorite nights of the year so far.  

For more info on the Lobster Rumble and what restaurants participated click HERE

For more info on the new yummy 60 calorie per 8 ounce glass bottle of cane sugar and stevia sweetened perfectly refreshing Coca-Cola Life beverage head over to their Instagram @CocaColaLife and Twitter @CocaColaLife.

 .. and may I suggest marking your calendar early because I for sure know that I am returning next year.
Coca-Cola Life and the Lobster Rumble…

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*Sponsored by Coca-Cola Life

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  1. Liz Lauren says:

    I'm so bummed I missed this!!

  2. Carmen Henry says:

    I love this outfit. That blouse is perfectly pink 🙂

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