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Cutouts and Jumpers..

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 The Look
Jumpsuit: Line and Dot c/o
Earrings: Happiness Boutique c/o
Bag: MCM
Necklace: Nashelle Jewelry 

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Twitter:   @TayeHansberry

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 Hurray for Friday.  I was actually suppose to be in NYC this weekend but due to unforeseen circumstances I am still here in Sunny California and super excited for the weekend of activities and events ahead.

Allow me to get sidetracked for just a couple sentences here.   I have to say I was a bit bummed when I realized I would not be able to head to New York yesterday.  I was like okay.. why.. but okay.   Then the universe put a sign right in front of my face.  Literally.  I woke up yesterday when I would have been on the plane headed eastbound and I was looking through Instagram when I came across a good friends post. .. And in plane sight it read.. 

“Did it happen to you, or did it happen for you? 

All became clear.   I always believe that what is suppose to happen happens and I am a firm believer that what is for you comes to you in all kinds of different ways.  I had a perfect day yesterday and made a couple of incredible reconnection’s that I would not have had I been across the country.  It definitely happened for me!  Okay.. I really want all of you reading this to take something away from this and bring it right into your weekend!

Okay now on to the look.  I will keep this super short and sweet!  You all know how I feel about a Jumper.  This one is no different.  I wore this to the Gwen Stefani Beautycon party last weekend and I just may throw it on again this weekend.  That’s how perfect it is!

Done!  Told ya.. Short and sweet!

Line and Dot…

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  1. Liz Lauren says:

    such a cute jumpsuit

    giveaway on my blog!

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