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Birthday weekend.. Jumper heaven!

 The Look
Jumper: The Odells c/o
Jacket: Guess
Shoes: Zara
  Bag: MCM

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So I wrote this post last night.. But fell asleep literally face down in my laptop before I hit publish..  Thus waking up just now as realizing this I have two choices.. I could rewrite the beginning and pretend like the unfortunate face down sleep episode didn’t happen… or… I could just be completely transparent and reveal that I am in fact human and sometimes F**K up.  I’m going with the latter of the two..  So here you are.. last nights post.. published today.. No Shame!  Enjoy!

“It’s pretty late and I am a bit tired from attending super cool events all day.  Oh poor me..
I know sounds so hard. Ha ha.  I swear it’s harder than you would think.   But enough about me.   Actually scratch that.. One more thing..

 Yay,  it’s my birthday weekend.. and I just made a last minute plan, just for me.  Or should I say I just got invited for last minute plans.  Let me tell you guys that the universe gives you exactly what you need, when you need it!  Okay.. now that’s enough about me.  On to the look.

Back to one of my old go to’s.   The jumper.  This one is new.   Me wearing jumpers is pretty well known.  This may in fact be my 10th blog post about the one piece wonders over the 5 years I have been blogging.    So let’s go over it real quick.. why I adore jumpers?  Easy!

Always cute, you can dress them up or down, it’s a ready made outfit!  

Those are reasons enough right?  Okay.. now that you are armed with reasons.. get out there and get some summer jumpers for yourself!”

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