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Vacation Ready Skin with Aveeno..

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Memorial day weekend marks the unofficial start to both summer and vacation season.  Summer travel to beautiful and far away lands is a must.. but with all that travel, different climates, airplanes, and just pure exhaustion, your skin takes a beating.

Now most of the time when we are talking skin, it’s about our face.. but lets not forget that the majority of our skin is on our body.   We all tend to neglect that fact.  I can’t tell you how many people I know who don’t wear lotion, who wash with harsh soaps and who forget sunscreen all together.   We are going to be a generation of beautiful faces and wrinkled bodies.  But never fear.. Aveeno and I have partnered up to help you fight dry skin where it also matters.  ON YOUR BODY!

Arms, legs, stomach, chest, shoulders, ankles, feet, hands.. They all deserve some love and with three simple and effective Aveeno products, that love will  help you look your best and won’t break the bank.    You will be vacation ready in no time!

Step number 1.  
Moisture starts in the shower.    Hopefully we all take at least one shower a day.  Some of us two.  Harsh soaps can strip your skin of the necessary moisturize it needs to stay soft and supple.  This is where Aveeno  Positivly Nurishing Body Wash comes in to play…  I have been using this awesome product for a couple of months now and I am hooked.  Super moisturizing and smells like heaven..  And absolutely leaves your skin cleansed and soft.

Step number 2.  
Moisture right out of the shower… with Aveeno Sheer Hydration daily moisturizing lotion.  This light weight lotion leaves your skin hydrated and soft and leave your clothes without a greasy mess.  For those beautiful summer dresses we will all be rocking grease stains from your lotion are not an option.
Step Number 3. 
 Protect with Aveeno Protect Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen.  Again when it come s to sunscreen we all tend to give our face a whole lot of love and our body gets a whole lot of nothing.  Summer is skin baring season and with that comes sunburn, with sunburn come redness and after the redness, peeling.   Who wants to wear a beautiful sundress when all that is happening.  So protect with a hydrating sunscreen. 

Okay now that we’ve got your skin covered.. feel free to show it off…


*This Post was brought to you by Aveeno Active Naturals


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  1. Madaline Mae says:

    Aveeno is my favorite. Can't wait to try out these products!

  2. Carmen Henry says:

    Aveeno is the one of the only brands I trust with my moisturizers.

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