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I was sitting here after spending the last two days packing up my house to prepare it for all new floors and I started thinking about hair.  I know.. how and where do floors and hair go hand and hand..  well they don’t.. but.. you know!  

For the last 9 months or so I have been wearing my hair with with a center part, super sleek and straight and many of you may remember that for a year before that I was all about big hair.  The bigger the better!   Just the other day I was having a some hair nostalgia and decided to give my strands a bit of texture for the day.   With that said I thought I would share some of my favorite tools and products to texture your hair for those fun summer days..

1. A good curling wand.  To take your hair from flat to full a great curling wand is a main ingredient. For textured hair be sure to wrap 1 inch sections of the hair around the wand leaving a bit of the ends.  This is what gives you a beachy wave.  Be sure to curl the sections in different directions.

2. Dry shampoo.  I like to use this on both dirty hair and clean hair.. If my hair is clean I spray a small bit before I curl.. if my hair is dirty a spray both my scalp and my hair. 

3. Light Oil.  Because Dry shampoo can be drying I like to add a very small amount hair oil after I curl to add a bit of shine and moister.

4. Hair Spray.  No messy hair is complete with out a little bit of light hold hairspray.  Spray only the ends and scrunch your hair up with your hands. 

Super Easy and super quick!  Let me know how yours turns out! 

Shop some of my favorite products and tools above.

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