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Puerto Rico.. A Photo Diary


When thinking about Puerto Rico I can’t help but to think about the beauty.  Not only the beauty of the people both inside and out.. but the beauty of a place where Rain Forrest and clear waters sit side by side.  The beauty of a place where culture, food, music and gusto are a way of life.  A place where I felt right at home.


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So when the Jockey Activewear team asked me to join them on a 4 day trip to Puerto Rico I didn’t hesitate.  Not only were they going to take me to a place where I had yet to visit (Bucket List Puerto Rico √),  they also told me to bring a friend.  Ummm.. DONE!  I text my girl Stephanie (Honey and Silk) and in less that 30 seconds she was in!  

Driving up to the El Conquistador,  Waldorf Astoria Resort and Spa (who so generously hosted us along with Jockey), we where greeted by the beautiful palm tree lined golf course as we rode up the hill to the cliff side where the resort resides.  Sea and land both in the air.   Warm wind blowing and that ever present smell of the Caribbean that I so adore engulfed me in the best way.

I was ready.. ready for a weekend of fun and relaxation.  Life and great food.   Conversation, nature, sand and sun.. and most of all the beach.  Being from California.. Los Angeles in particular you would think that the beach for an LA native is no big deal.  But the different beaches of the world all have such distinct and beautiful differences.


…But before we head to the beach just yet.. allow me to paint you a vivid picture.  As I entered my beautiful room perched up on the most peaceful cliff side waiting were goodies from Jockey, the El Conquistador resort and Essie polish, all which would prove perfect for the the various activities planned throughout the trip.

First of which was a trip to the spa where a warm coconut sugar scrub awaited to dust me off from the long day of travel.  The spa equipped with a beautiful locker room, yummy snacks, and a sweet lounge where tea was sipped and yummy granola was eaten before heading over to the salon for a desperately needed manicure. 

For the next four days we indulged in all the the resort has to offer.  From lavish delicious dinners with fellow guests in some of the many restaurants that the resort has on it’s 500 acres of land complete with Puerto Rican cocktail making and sushi rolling classes to amazing breakfast complete with traditional Puerto Rican dishes and drinks at every meal.  I have to tell you I have never in my life had better Pina Colada’s.   LIKE EVER!!!!

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Besides a little detour that Stephanie and I took to a Puerto Rico must see area called Luqillo which happens to house 60 authentic food Kiosks and the Rain Forrest hike that we all went on,  we never needed to leave the resort.  Any and everything we needed and wanted was right there.

And the Rain Forrest.  What beauty!  We hiked for two hours rocking our  Jockey Active wear to reach the beautiful waterfall where people were jumping right in.  The journey to the waterfall was filled with little treasures..  My favorite being a little lizard who intently watched us walk by.  Trees and leaves.. periodic rain.. and the beauty of the vivid green all around still fills my head. 
Yoga Clothes, blogger, Travel Blogger, Fashion Blogger, top ten Bloggers, Taye HansberryAfter returning from the hike we headed to an amazing Yoga class decked out in Jockey Yoga gear over looking the golf course.  The combination of Yoga and nature utterly bringing me back to my center and readying me for the next leg of the trip..

PALOMINO Island..  The private beach island belonging to the El Conquistador resort complete with snorkeling, restaurants, bars, horseback riding and clear warm blue water for miles.  This place is like a little slice if heaven.  I couldn’t help but to want to capture every moment of it with it’s beautiful palm trees… I am a sucker for perfect palm trees.    I sipped on the Palomino Signature drink which is a cross between a Pina Colada and a Mojito.  Can you say YUM!!  I wanted to sneak the special formula off the island and bring it back to LA.

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Between the awesomely wonderful people.. the super amazing resort.. the incredible Jockey team and the sheer beauty of the place called Puerto Rico I was in absolute heaven..  Can’t wait to go back!

Huge thank you to the Jockey active wear team and the wonderful people at the El Conquistador for bringing me along on this unforgettable journey!

Puerto Rico.. Jockey.. El Conquistador..

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