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Prep your Skin for Spring & Summer with ROC.

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With Spring already here and Summer months of endless sun filled days outside fast approaching, it is super important to start preparing our skin for what I like to call battle.  With as much fun as we are all going to have at beaches, parks, pools, hikes, wonderful meals on beautiful patio’s, coffee with friends at cool local outdoor cafes and more,  the sun and summer weather is a source of joy in our lives and can be a source of havoc on our skin.  With that said spring is the perfect time to adjust your skin care routine.   Knowing just what products to purchase and changing up your routine can
be both over whelming and expensive so I teamed up with ROC skincare to give you
guys some pointers on the products that are essential.

Lighter yet effective products both day and night are essential.  So just as we hit the gym to get those bikini bodies, and venture into local vitamin shops to stock up on staying healthy from the inside out, we also have to prepare our skin to defend itself and fight the problems we may already have.  Where sunscreen is great in the moment.. how we care for our skin is essential in the long run.

A regimen at night along with a daytime routine is the best way to sidetrack any damage that may occur from Spring and Summer time fun.. Because I don’t know about you.. but I fully intend on enjoying the warm weather to the fullest.

Right now I am in the less make up is more mode… So preparing my skin with 4 essential products from ROC is a must…

So without further ado.. here they are:

1. ROC Multi Correction 5 in one Restoring Night Cream ($28.99) is an every night priority.  
Nighttime is just as essential if not more important than day for me when it comes to products. Your body heals while you sleep and giving your body a little help is always a great thing.  This cream delivers tons of moisture and absorbs fast so the product stays on your face and not on your pillowcase.

2. ROC Retinol Correction Eye Cream.  ($19.99)  Retinol is an essential ingredient in this light weight eye cream.  It helps correct fine lines and wrinkles and helps prevent new ones form forming.  It is absolutely important that you have a separate eye cream in your arsenal because regular face creams are not formulated for the delicate skin around the eye. 

3. ROC Retinol Correction Deep Wrinkle Serum. ($19.99) There goes that ingredient again.. Retinol.. again essential for firming, tightening and evening out the skin.  I am a avid serum user.  Serums.. often overlooked and misunderstood yet so very important in prevention and correction.  They prepare your skin for your creams and give that added bonus of extra moisture which is perfect for prevention.

4. ROC Instant Line Corrector. ($22.99) So while you are in the process of preventing and correcting with the products above, instantly smooth out your skin with a great primer.  A smoother/primer will help your foundation glide on smooth for a more natural flawless look.

With these four products you’ll add a little Spring to your routine and will be well on your way to amazing skin for Summer!

*Sponsored by ROC

Spring..Summer Prep..

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