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“With all your Might”…How to get to your Goals..

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 Who else is super excited for this week?

Allow me to start this post by saying that I worked diligently last night to get this out to you at midnight.. but the Internet God’s were not working in my favor.   So from 12am to about 2 am I waited and wrote and the Internet froze.  Then waited, wrote and the Internet froze again and so on and so forth.  You get the idea.  So I am up at 5am right now pulling it all together.  Now you may ask why the heck is she telling us this.  Well in the process of waiting for a bit this morning I was browsing the web and came across the blog that inspired me to start my blog and
I decided to scrolled through a bit,  loving every moment of this gals super simple blog.  Just outfits and writing.  Same format as the day I first discovered her blog 5 years ago this week.

 You see the 5 year anniversary of Stuff She Likes is coming up April 14th to be exact and scrolling through her blog I came upon an article that got me thinking.  What the article was about is not important… but it somehow lead me back to my first few posts,  which I actually read and really really enjoyed.  It got me to thinking about my authentic voice,  which I find so amazing ( the thought of authentic voice that is) because last night as I was waiting for the Internet to unfreeze, I opened a word processing app and wrote my post… and below is what came pouring out, authentically me.

Now I know this is suppose to be an outfit post.. but hopefully the outfit will visually inspire you to dress how you like.. Even when you are wrinkled .. and my words will inspire you to keep moving forward..  So here goes..  let me know your thoughts after you read it.. because you may not know it but you guys inspire me!

The post I wrote last night:  

Allow me to preface this post by letting you in on the fact that I was hesitant to shoot this look, not because I don’t like it, but because I had just come from a wonderful lunch with my oh so amazing blogger buds where we ate, drank, shared ideas and in the process my perfectly ironed outfit got about as wrinkled as it could get.. okay.. with that said I pray that these next couple paragraphs will make that much more sense!

With Easter aka the day to be reborn right behind us.. I wanted to chat about goals.. Goals that I want to reach and goals that I hope that I may inspire you to reach and go for with all your might.   Each year we all start the year with goals in mind and we set out to reach them.  Some met and others not.  Some not met because we simply have not met them and some not met because of a small fear that we will actually meet them and get this, succeed or fail.  Yep two sides of the same coin when it comes to meeting your goals.   It took me a really long time to understand that meeting my goals had more to do with the drive and effort that I put into meeting them, no matter if  I actually succeed or failed in the end.

 Okay you are probably thinking…  Huh?  Allow me to explain… it’s super simple really.

If you push yourself with drive and allow yourself to put in the effort to succeed, the feeling and essence of that effort deeply ingrains itself into your system.  It becomes part of your DNA so to speak.   So no matter how many times you may fail or how many times you may change the process by which you may fail or succeed, with the effort behind that process set into your system, success is inevitable.  You see the effort is will always be there and with continuous effort edging to the right direction you will reach your goals.

In short.. what I am saying is..  Sometimes you got to just do it.. and do it with all your might!

With all your might!

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  1. Liz Lauren says:

    love this total indigo look!

  2. Really like the denim look!

  3. Na Gbridal says:

    I am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.
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