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How to Build an Amazing Wardrobe: 3 Rules to Live By…

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I am a firm believer that what you wear is an expression of what is going on with you the very moment you put your outfit on. For me I don’t really have a particular style. My style changes day to day with my energy.  One day I may rock a  pair of super distressed ripped up pair of vintage jeans and and the next I may rock a structured blazer and trousers.

Some people have a very particular style that they commit to and others love to always try new and exciting trends.  I have to say I am a little bit of both.  But no matter what your style, shopping can be a fun yet tricky adventure.  Although we would all love it,
I’m pretty positive that most of us out here in the world do not have a Kardashian sized budget to endlessly spend on obtaining every article of clothing we want.  So a bit of planning, budgeting and searching is usually involved in a good shopping trip.  Whether you take that trip on the road to an actual store or you are an avid late night online shopper, when you are working with a budget there are some rules to follow that will help you get the most out of your shopping and ensure that those pieces are in your wardrobe until you are ready to part with them. 

When shopping, there are three policies I commit to…

1. THE COMFORT FACTOR:  I don’t care if your shoes cost $10 dollars or $1000..if those pair of sky high amazing 5 inch stiletto, platform leather heels  “hurt” at the believe that they will “kill” by the middle of the night.. and I will not buy them.  I have passed up some pretty amazing shoes due to The Comfort Factor.  This goes for clothes as well.  More often than not of you are not comfortable while in the dressing room you will absolutely never wear it.  Ever buy a dress or a pair of pants and go to put them on time after time, yet end up taking them off and wearing something else?  My point exactly!

2. THE SALE FACTOR:  I am also an avid believer in a great sale.  If you love that $500 dollar dress at Barney’s chances are if you wait a month or two it will be half the price..  When shopping for higher priced items THE SALE FACTOR is key.  It is possible to have a wardrobe with expensive pieces.. but who says you have to break the bank to get them.

3. THE CHEAPNESS FACTOR:   If it looks cheap in any way..leave it at the store!  You can build an amazing wardrobe on a tiny budget just by following this simple rule..

Okay now get out there and apply these rules.. Summer is just around the corner and a new fresh wardrobe awaits.


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4 responses to “How to Build an Amazing Wardrobe: 3 Rules to Live By…”

  1. Carmen Henry says:

    Important rules that I use whenever I go shopping 🙂

  2. naybeautymua says:

    I agree with you, dressing that day is to do how you feel. If i am feeling rubbish i will pop on a pillar box red lipstick! That always lifts my spirits.xx

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