By Taye


Rock a Tee..

 The Look
Trousers: TopShop (SIMILAR)
Tee: TopShop (SIMILAR)
Shoes: Duo c/o
Jacket: Oak Ny (SILIMAR)
Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear c/o
Bag: Zara
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 When I was a kid I would go through phases where I had a favorite outfit.  I’m taking from head to toe.. and I would wear that outfit over and over again.  I guess back in those pre social media days we were all less aware of getting caught in the same outfit twice..

 But I admittedly find myself still more regularly than not re-wearing an outfit that I absolutely adore.. or at least parts of it.  ..And admittedly this is one of those outfits.  I’ve had it for a good two months now and I have worn this or a parts from it at least 6 times.  Even with  Instagram and Twitter addictions looming I still have no problem re-wearing a look or a piece.  After all that is why we buy clothes right.. because we love them!


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