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24 favorite looks of 2014..Looking back at what was and looking forward to growth..

It’s funny looking back a year and taking the time to remember the moments..  It took me hours to gather the photo’s for this post because I was continuously  distracted by the memories that came with them.

Having a blog is like having a personal timeline to your life that you share with the world.  Yet as much as you share with the world, there is an underbelly of memories, moments, and points of views that only the person who is the subject and maker of that timeline can recall.

So for me in the attempts at gathering  24 of my favorite looks of 2014 my final choices had not so much to do with what I was wearing physically,  but what I was wearing emotionally and spiritually in those moments that my life was being captured.   Some moments incredible.  Some moments not so hot.   Some filled with laughter, light and friends and some filled with reflection, tears and tremendous perseverance.  Yet all completely necessary for my growth as a woman and a human being. 

So as I glide into the year 2015.. I look back at my growth and I look forward to stretching that growth as long as as wide as I possibly can.

I am a true believer in change.   I tend to change my self a lot.. always have.. it’s in my Gemini/Cancer cusp baby nature.  However implementing real change and true growth can be hard to achieve.  We tend to, at our cores, stick to what we know and what is super comfortable.  Craving change yet thinking we can never really get there.  Growing as a person takes guts..  And lets face it.. Sometimes it’s easier to simply take those guts and politely tuck them away.

So for 2015 I challenge myself to show my guts.. To use my gusto.. To speak my mind not just when appropriate but when necessary.  To grow in all area’s of my life, physically, spiritually and emotionally.   Allowing that growth to take me on a path that I only thought possible in my dreams.

It’s not irony that the first photo in this post has me adorning a shirt that displays  the words Piss Off (in french of course.. much more elegant).    I am taking this mantra into 2015 with me.  Not towards others and not in a pissy way (pun intended),  but towards the parts of my self that want to inhibit my growth.  The parts of me that say “this is too hard”.  The parts of me that say “you are not good enough”.  The parts of me that say “you will never meet that goal”.

Those parts and any outside person or influence that says the same can all Casse Toi!!

Ha!  That just made me laugh in the best way.

With that said…

I cannot express enough the gratitude and love I have for each and every one of you to take the time and choose to read my blog.  There are so many wonderful and inspiring blogs out there and the fact that I am on your roster is an honor!

 Have a safe, fun, meaningful night going into this next year.. and no matter where you are and who you are with.. take a couple seconds to yourself to say thank you.. After all you got yourself through 2014.. and you are going to soar through 2015.

Now with that said.. here are 24 of my favorite looks from Stuff She Likes 2014.. some because I simply adore the outfit and some because I simply adore the life behind it..

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28 responses to “24 favorite looks of 2014..Looking back at what was and looking forward to growth..”

  1. Liz Lauren says:

    love seeing all these looks together! have a great 2015!

    Giveaway on my blog!

  2. You're such a beautiful spirit. Keep shining and inspiring!
    xoxo, Nikia

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    BTW great post dear.

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