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The Spoke and Weal Experience..

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For us ladies and some of the guys out there our hair is a big deal.  I can imagine that most of us spend more time making sure our hair is exactly how me want it than going to the gym…  I’m willing to actually bet on it.   So discovering new salons in my city is one of my favorite past times.  Besides New York, Los Angeles is the mecca of hair.   You can find some type of hair establishment on almost every block.  From the mom and pop set ups to the big Beverly Hills establishments and I have been and loved plenty of them.. Us Angelinos take our salons very seriously..

So when a friend suggested I try out the newly opened Spoke and Weal  on West 3rd street I was more than happy to oblige.
Legendary hair stylist Jon Reyman opened the Aveda salon 6 months ago and L.A. has been blessed every since.  Known for their color and cutting techniques every stylist at Spoke and Weal are masters at their craft.. listening to what you want as a customer an guiding you to what works best for you in that realm.  I’ve been a regular going on two months now.. where Master Colorist Dell Miller has taken my locks from blonde to blonder while leaving my hair in amazing condition. 

I am in the process of growing out my bangs and hair and owner Jon Reyman has kept my hair trimmed and perfect while allowing it to grow.   He’s known for his swift scissor work and quick timing.  He cut my hair to perfection in 15 minutes.

The Spoke and Weal experience…
Upon arrival to this beautifully designed salon you are greeted with the 9 rules of Spoke and Weal, a delicious hibiscus iced tea and a scalp massage to prepare you for the amzingness that will ensue… colored and cut in a couple hours I leave Spoke and weal with a smile from ear to ear every time.

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The Location…
Spoke and Weal has two locations..

Los Angeles
8211 W 3RD Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone: 323-591-0979


San Fransisco
850 Greenwich Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

Phone: 415-800-7440


Spoke and Weal

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