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Pore Perfect Skin In Los Angeles.. Kinara

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I don’t know about you ..but as the weather and seasons change.. my skin
tends to freak out and every year its a different level of
freak out.  One year it was tiny pimples all over my face.. UGH!
Another year it was dry flaky skin that no matter how much I slathered it
in oils and lotions it just stayed dry and flaky.. EWW!   … And this
year at the beginning of the summer my skin decided to take on a strange
texture, i’m talking lizard like…AWESOME!  Ahh the fun of weather
mixed with female hormones!
This is is where the famed LA spa and skin care clinic to the stars Kinara comes in.
Walking into Kinara  there is an instant feeling of calm that finds its way to you.  Like your spirit automatically knows that you are in the right place.  I was first introduced to Kinara a few years ago and quickly understood after my first treatment that it was one of the best places to get a Facial in Los Angeles.  But being the gal I am.. I tend to get facials, massage, ie any type of pampering that actually should be regimen on a not so regular basis.
So after a little (unintentional) hiatus from facials and the on set of my lizard skin I decided to give the ladies at Kinara Spa a call.  Being that they are the sweetest staff in LA they said come on over and managed to squeeze me into their booked schedule of A-listers and LA-ers (pretty sure I just made up that last word).  In about two hours my skin was on its way back to being human again.
Now besides the delicious lattes and cucumber water here is what sets Kinara apart..
Each facial at Kinara is customized to fit you.. your face.. your skin.. your concerns and your individuality.  That’s what I love about this place..  My facial is not necessarily the same every time because my skin is not the same every time.. And both Michelle Bellaver.. esthetician extraordinaire.. and owner Olga Lorencin-Northup ( clients include Halle Berry for the last 20 years) have both brought my lizardy, pimply, pore ridden, dry flaky skin back to life. 
Along with facials Kinara has a list of pampering services that include  body treatments, a hair studio,  nails services and waxing.  It’s a one stop shop of sorts.. 
And if you can’t get to Kinara,  Bring Kinara home to you.  With an extensive line of skin care products owner Olga Lorencin-Northuphas made sure that everyone can have a bit of skin perfecting right at their very own fingertips including the at home Red Carpet Facial Kit..  One of my faves.
You can check out the full list of services and products at Kinara Spa or give them an old fashion call at 310.657.9188.

 Kinara Skin Care Clinic and Spa..

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