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Shirt or Skirt?

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Now I would be remiss to say that some of my sense of style.. or at least my sense for my sense of style came straight from the women in my family.  My Two grandmothers, both with impeccable style.. one having gone to fashion school in New York in early 1940’s and the other in a love affair with labels.. labels like Chanel, Versace, Escada..St John..etc.    Then there is my mother, who when I was a kid would always take a piece in her wardrobe and wear it completely different than it’s intentions.. Example.. Skirts as shirts.. Shirts as skirts..  She actually still does it to this day.. always super proud of her accomplishment and always ready to pull me aside at at holiday dinner and show me that the sequins top she has on this year is indeed last years sequins skirt. 
I say all this to say that I am alas no stranger to this shirts as a skirt idea.. and when I came across it recently all those childhood memories of the three most stylish women I know.. my two grandma’s and my mom came rushing back.   Thus I pay homage to all of them with this Friday Style Stuff post..  
This vintage Ralph Lauren button up is indeed poached from my Grandfather’s closet, and tied around my waist as a skirt..  Some of you may remember a certain Instagram from New York Fashion Week with me in this as a dress.. Yep I’ve found all kinds of uses for it..  Today.. it’s a fully functioning skirt.. Why the f**k not!
Have a great Friday Ya’ll..

Shirt or Skirt…
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