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Fall Beauty. The “Off Colour Face”

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There are so many awesome beauty trends this season..  The sophisticated plum lip,  glowing Metallic accents, Nude face flawless cheek and one of my favorites.. The “Of Colour Face.  Okay you may be asking yourself WTF is an off colour face..  relax.. its nothing crazy…   

According to our friends over at  M.A.C.  The Off Colour Face trend goes around classic tones with a dirty edge to become the new neutrals.  In other words we are taking summer colors and kneading them down for fall and winter using colors naturally seen in the skin and deconstructing them applying them with a fluffy brush or your fingertips.

So what does that mean??   Allow me to break it down.. basically you want focus on your lips or eyes.. concentrating on colors in the peach, brown, taupe and plum families depending on your skin tone..  You can also go for greys and grayish blues.. but for now lets stick to the below…

Pale Skin.. stick closer to rose and taupe.   
 Olive Skin.. stick closer to taupe and browns.
 Dark Skin.. stick closer  browns and plums.  

In the look above I concentrated on my lips which have a darker berry tone.. while the rest of my face has washes of very natural taupe’s and browns.  And here is a little secret..  I used my slightly neutral blush as eyeshadow applied to my eyes with a blush brush to give them that wash of color look.

..and remember.. a great face starts with great skin.. so I always start with a great foundation.. in this case a more sheer application of M.A.C. Face and body.  My color is C4.


Happy Tuesday!

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