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Mixing Textures, Patterns and Color in One Outfit..

 The Look
Pants: Color Block c/o
Jacket: Velvet Tees
Top & Heels: Zara
Sunnies: Charlotte Ronson for Vogue Eyewear c/o
Watch: Michael Kors via Marrisa Collections 

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 The idea of mixed media is so fascinating to me.. Artists that can take objects, paint, fabrics and all kinds of different gems,  attach them to a canvas and out comes a thing of beauty from stuff that seemingly would not make sense together..

Why not create mixed media with our wardrobes..
After a day of breakfast, errands, meetings, castings and in this outfit I thought of such artists.  Not so much because I automatically did, but because of the reactions of the people I encountered while wearing it.  So many people in so many of those different places I mentioned earlier came up to me to tell me how much they loved my outfit and why.. and the common denominator was what I can only call “Mixed Media”

This look is comprised of pieces that would seemingly not at all make sense together, yet somehow they work.  Patterns with strange patterns, texture with smooth, and what seems like every color on the color wheel thrown together.  Now don’t get me wrong, the focus of this look which in this case happens to be the trousers would look just as great with a plain white cropped tee, classic black pumps, a black structured bag and huge sunnies.  In fact you may see me in the near future in that very outfit.

Either way you rock it.. Rock it with confidence!


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