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Fall Lip Color.. Sheer is the way to go..

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Lip Sheers Via The Beauty Counter

Fall is just around the corner.. and while summer is still in full swing it is definitely time to start thinking about the transition..not only in your wardrobe but in your make up as well.    Now being the kind of gal who loves a good two for one I am super excited about the Fall make up trends.  

…And the sheer stained lip is at the top of my list because you can start wearing it now and take it straight through to the next seasons.  

Now…When coveting a good sheer lip there are a couple words that one should keep in mind.  
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1. Moisturizing.  Now there is a difference between moisture and gloss.  Gloss is shiny and moisture is dewy.   This season we want dewy. 

2. Creamy.  With the various shades of pale pinks to nudes to tans to plums that we will be wearing on our lips this fall creamy is the key.  A velvety creamy color goes a long way and always looks uber sophisticated.

3. Luxe.  Luxe does not have to mean expensive.  With the advent of 50 dollar lipsticks on the rise.. I sometimes wonder.. are they better?  Don’t get me wrong..  I’m not knocking them.. but I think we can have both..  There are luxe 20 dollar versions and luxe 50 dollar versions of everything.  

Right now some of my absolute favorites are from The Beauty Counter.  Thier Lip Sheers are amazing!  Toxin free.. creamy and beautiful.

Sheer lips for Fall..

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