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A different kind of DIY.. Wink & Winn

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I have to say I am not much of a DIY kind of gal.. But Wink and Winn has taken DIY to a whole other level.  Designing my very own bag is a DIY project that I can totally get into.   Super fun and creative…  I am head over heels with my bag.  Putting my personal touch on this beauty from beginning to end was the best part..

They don’t just stop at the beautiful fabrics and skins.. everything from the hardware to the tassel comes how you want it.

I designed about 3 different bags before I settled on this one.. And when it arrived I was over the moon with not just the looks but the quality.    Lets face it .. sometimes with the Internet you never know what you are getting until it shows up.

Wink and Winn bags fit right in the designer bag section at Barneys without a doubt.. and with Silhouettes ranging from $190-$390 your custom personal bag wont break your bank!

Below are some close ups for you to gaze upon..

With 10 silhouettes to choose from and endless possibilities of designs..  Playing with Wink and Winn is incredible.

And when your bag is done they send this awesome email with the results to let you know it’s on the way.   How cute is that!!

What a great concept.  Thanks so much Wink and Winn for allowing my
inner “Celine/Prada” to come through… Can’t wait to design another one!!

 Hey… What are you waiting for.. get to designing already.. Wink & Winn


Photos: Taye Hansberry

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