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Faux Fur, Real Fur & Fashion Week…

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Singer Rita Ora at NY Fashion Week, Me for the Beverly Center Style challenge back in October 2013, Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea at NY Fashion Week.

 A couple days ago a friend sent me this little triptych noting how on trend I was with the striped faux fur I wore for the Beverly Center Style challenge that I was a part of back in October 2013.  I didn’t win any of the three spots that uber super bloggers Chriselle Lim,  Shea Marie and  Liz Cherkasova judged but the challenge was a blast!..

Anyhow this little pic from my dear friend got me thinking
about New York Fashion Week.. and although I did not attend this winter.. I actually have yet to attend a fashion week in February.. this time due to a combo of obligations here at home and an absolute fear of insanely freezing temperatures… The latter being the bigger  and bolder of the two.  I have been following the uber chic polar vortex street style with a burning passion.  That being said..  I have noticed a trend in fur..

Now I am not a real fur person.   My 90 year old grandma Mamie loves to point out that my non love for the wardrobe choice is due to my upbringing in Los Angeles where  and I quote ” Angelinos have no respect for the cold”.. mostly because we don’t get any cold here.  And I quote again “spend a week in a Chicago Winter and you will be begging for a fur”.

She may be right!  haha!

Anyhow back to the subject at hand.. although I am not one to wear a real fur.. (Faux fur rules)  I am in awe of some of the super chic fur or faux fur (these days its hard to tell) that walked the streets this weekend at New York Fashion Week..

So I thought I would share some pics I came across of the Huffington Post this morning..  Whether you are a Fur person or not… there is no denying the beauty of these coats and accessories.

Pretty fur.. hopefully its Faux…

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