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FASHION FRIDAY.. The low low..

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The Look: Dress: Asos. Jacket: Zara. Shoes: Forever 21. Wallet: Stella & Dot c/o Necklace: Stella & Dot c/o. Sunnies: Warby Parker c/o

It’s  Friday ….It’s Friday………………

 Yay It’s Friday..

Is it obvious that I adore Friday..?

This Friday is especially fun for me because I get to show off my new do.  Freshly cut and perfectly sun kissed.  The awesome folks over at Salon Benjamin have made me a happy girl.. I cannot wait to share the full post on my amazing experience in my new favorite salon.

With that said lets move on to the outfit.  After all it is
FASHION FRIDAY and today I am mixing the old with the new.

It’s no secret that I shop in my own closet quite often.  I mean I talk about it all the dang time.  If I am being totally honest here I think I may get a little preachy with it.   It’s just because I am so passionate about saving cash while looking great!   You know my motto..  Hold out for the sale.. and never be afraid to shop in a good 5 dollar store.  There are gems to be had everywhere!..  Revel in the High/Low.

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With that said this actually a Low/Low ensemble..

High/Low is such a huge concept and don’t get me wrong I absolutely stand by the High/Low.  But allow me to coin the phrase Low/Low.

It’s is quite possible to look like a million bucks and have all aspects of your outfit be on the cheap.  Cheap in price that is.   We never skim on quality around here.  It’s all about training your eye and your mind to never allow yourself to buy cheap if it looks cheap.

If you total up this look.. noting I have on cost over $145 dollars individually.

and I can tell you this is one of my favorite outfits..

All black everything and an old ASOS dress that I actually reversed to make it a little more current.  The textures means the world.  Texture on an inexpensive outfit raises your fashion bar.

So let’s just see how low you can go..
Dress: $20 bucks (on sale)
Jacket: $110 bucks
Shoes: $20 bucks (on sale)
Wallet: $59 bucks
Necklace: $79 bucks
Rings: under $40 bucks
Sunnies: $145 bucks

There you have it.. The two staples in the look are both under $150 dollars.. and everything else ranges from 20 to 79 bucks.

Not bad for a look head to toe.

And just before I go.. Stay tuned for an exciting week of giveaways starting Monday.  I’ve partnered up with some really awesome brands to give you guys some if the stuff I like!


The Low/Low

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