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Outfit Tuesday…Silk, Fur & Golden Leopards…

 The Look
Top & Pants: Gypsy 05 c/o
Faux Fur: Naven Similar
Shoes: Puma c/o ON SALE
Phone case & Bracelets: Brahmin c/o
Necklace & Bag: Stella & Dot c/o

Well it’s official.. L.A. weather is completely Bipolar.  Super emotional.  A bit testy and constantly from one end of the spectrum to the other.  For that reason you gotta LOVE it!  This week it’s in the 80’s  last week it was in the 50’s.  What’s a girl to do but just play along.  

So I thought I would mix it up with a super light weight silk top and bottoms and a super heavy faux fur.  After all faux fur in 80 degrees is perfectly logical when you have a vast understanding that it will drop to 60 degrees that night..  Plus,
silk and fur have always been partners in crime right?  Preparation people..preparation!

BTW.. I know this is some rarely seen footage of me in sneakers.   Don’t get me wrong.. I have always wanted to be that cool girl who effortlessly rocks sneakers with every outfit.   I just seem to gravitate towards heels.  Maybe it’s an elongation thing.  Anywho.. I could not resist these beauties..  Thus the beginning of the end is born.   Okay that may be a bit dramatic,  but I do plan on really trying to wear more casual footwear in the year 2014.   Dear lord I just said 2014.. kind of cray cray!

 …and now..


Silk, Fur & Golden leopards…

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