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Outfit Tuesday… Hope & Bows (Holiday)

 The Look
Sweater: Ylin
Trousers: Michael Stars c/o
Shoes: Zara
Jewelry: Daniel Espanoza

If there is anything I absolutely love about each year coming to and end are the prospects and possibilities that are to come with a brand new one.  The idea that you can take the all the emotions, good times, fun,  fast times and most of all the HOPE that you carried all year and bring it right into the new year with you.

Often time the end of a year brings with it the energy that you can phase out and erase all the bad of the year before and start new..  But guess what.. you can also
bring all your HOPE right with you.   I adore the idea that through the holidays and those last few weeks of seeing family,  enjoying friends and hopefully stuffing your face that you can also harness all the beauty of the year and move that energy right on into the next.

So with that I bring you a quick and simple chic look at can carry you through your cocktail parties and ginger bread house making without too much of a fuss.  For me the last thing I want to do during the holidays is stress about what to wear.  I’d rather concentrate on my HOPE..

Simple trousers and a cute sweater paired with a statement necklace and bracelet is quick and fail proof.    Stick with a chic pallet of blacks, charcoals and winter white and let your jewels do the talking.   For this holiday I am all about the matchy matchy.  I mean how cute is an intentionally matching necklace/bracelet or matching earring/necklace set.

Nothing says chic like cool intention.  
Links to shop this look below..including some matchy matchy jewels.

HOPE + Cool Intention..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I Heart your blog.. how about a post on that FAB closet you have..

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