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Beauty Post.. Metallic Eyes & Velvet Lips.. using your finger..

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Cream shadows have always been a favorite of mine..and the latest crop of Metallic cream shadows are beautiful, electrifying and simply off the charts!  Pigmented just right to give a gilded look that is buildable and stays put.  Come on .. we all hate those clumpy creases that can live on our lids when creams shadows are in use.

Okay so..
All you need is your finger and a little imagination.   Sounds dirty I know…


Here’s how to achieve this simple yet striking look.

Apply foundation, concealer and
powder as you normally would.  Then take your  bronzer and apply to your cheeks,  your  hairline and your jawbone.  Be sure to keep it light on the last three.

Now you’re ready for the eyes..

The Metallic Eye:  Whats great about his metallic eye is that it literally only requires one product.  A long wearing metallic cream shadow.

In this case I am wearing TopShop Bronze Eye Gleam but this look can be achieved with any long wearing cream shadow. 

Here are the steps.

First you will need a clean middle finger and longwear cream based metallic shadow.  I say clean because we are using a cream based product on your eye. You want to avoid getting the tiny bacteria that lives on your hands into the cream pot.  It can be an icky breading ground.  So it’s actually best to use a tool like a Q tip or the back of a clean make up brush to scoop out a small amount of product and place it on the back of the hand that you do not use to apply make up.  But let’s get real for a moment.. most of us are going to skip that step.. so I say a freshly washed finger will do the trick.

I use my middle finger because the other fingers just don’t have as light of a touch.

Pat your middle finger lightly into the pot of shadow.  Being careful not to cake the product onto your finger.  Start light and go from there.  The goal is to build. 

Pat onto your eyelid spreading the color right up to crease of your eye.  At this point you can either lightly blend before the product dries or layer it on.  To give you an idea, in the above photo I applied roughly two light blended layers for day time. Again the goal is to build.  The beauty of a metallic eye is that it can be subtle or striking depending on your mood.

After you have applied allow your eyelid to dry for about 30 seconds while closed.  This way the product can set with no creasing.  There,  done in less than 2 minutes

Apply a small amount of mascara.. This is the time where you what your eyelids to be the star.. not your eyelashes.

and now the Velvet Lip.

Lucky for me the product I used on my lips in this post actually looks like velvet when all is said and done..  But never fear you can achieve this look with any highly pigmented cream lipstick.  It helps if the lipstick is matte but a cream will do.  Sorry ladies but neither your gloss nor your frosty lipstick will work for this look.

Again all you need is your middle finger and a little bit of lip color.  The more pigmented the better.  Take your freshly wash finger and rub a good amount of your chosen lip color on the tip of that finger Now here is where a slight bit of skill comes in .. but don’t worry it’s super easy.   Pat your color saturated middle finger on your lips starting from the inside and work your way out to the lip line.  Keep patting until the color is evenly disbursed.  Once all the color is on your lips,  blot with a tissue.. and repeat the process.  Depending on the lip color you use this may take anywhere from two to four passes.  Just use your amazing judgment.. when you are satisfied with the “velvetiness” (yeah I said it) of your lips.. you are ready to go.

Now you know I would not leave you with all this juicy information and not hand you the tools to pull it off.. So like always… You can shop the look..  Below are some of my faves.


Metallic eyes & Velvet lips..

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