By Taye



 The Look
Top: Michael Stars c/o (on sale)
Denim: G Star Raw c/o
Coat: BB Dakota c/o
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Rovi Moss c/o
Tie: Bowjie
Phone case: Purse Case c/o

suspenders |səˈspendərz|
a pair of straps that pass over the shoulders and fasten to the waistband of a pair of trousers or a skirt at the front and back to hold it up.

 Alert: Suspenders are not just for holding up ones pants.   Although I suspect
that the above definition held some weight somewhere in in the year 1820.  Actual fact.. suspenders were originally called braces and were invented by a man named Albert Thurston.   Although I have a sneaking suspension that whatever woman was by his side actually did the inventing.

Alright.. that’s it for the history lesson today.. lets move on to the present.  My super quirky outfit of the day. 

People always ask me to define my style and this here is proof as to why I do not like to answer that question.  My style changes with my mood and this day I was feeling a bit whimsical.  I mean come on.  Suspenders, flouncy bowtie, mirrored sunnies?   Quirkville if you will.  So darn much fun too.  I say we all wake up once every couple of months and just “Quirkout”.  Another word I just made up right here on the spot.

Shall we give it a proper definition?  I think so..

quirkout |kwərk out| 
The act of spontaneously dressing zany, offbeat or quirky.



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