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Outfit Tuesday.. Me The E! Network & a Shiny Shoot..

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The Look
Sweater: McGinn via Caro Marketing
Top: Paul & Joe Sister via Carp Marketing
Jeans: Strom Brand via Caro Marketing
Shoes: Zara
Jewelry: CC Skye

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So when a photographer lights a set..  it’s only right to test those lights on herself.. Right???    That’s exactly what I did.. last week when I was on set to shoot a secret project for the E! Network.  And if that wasn’t cool enough I got a
super sassy outfit post out of it.  Can’t wait to tell you all about my fun day at E!.  But for now hush hush… No sharing allowed.

I am realizing that so many people have no idea that I am a photographer.   I was a photographer way before blogging was ever a thought.   Actually I started this blog originally to have a platform for my photography work.  It just so happens that Stuff She Likes drew a path of it’s own and grew into what you see today.  So interesting where life steers you.

Anyhow..  A little about this particular shoot.

Typically when I do a studio shoot I tend to use myself as the lighting guinea pig and with fellow photog  Jordon Kelly who was awesome enough to assist me for the day we tested away.  And out of that test.. these photo’s were born..

..And wearing this amazing Zebra print McGinn sweater.. how could anything go wrong!

Hope you like them!


 Secret projects and shiny shoots..

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