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Isabel Marant Pour H&M.. Braving the wild..

The day has arrived..  I along with millions of fashion obsessed folks have been waiting …and waiting… and waiting for the Isabel Marant x H&M mash up for months and months now.  The anticipation was killing me.  Like so many awesome collabo’s before this one,  I was a bit stressed that I would not get my hands on anything that I wanted.   How wrong I was.   However it was not without a fight..

Here’s the short version.. 

Me and my two
amazing fellow blogger boys Reinaldo of Reyal Fashion and Tommy of My Belonging  all met up for the VIP Shopping preview on Tuesday night.   I stepped off the elevator and hopped over to where they were waiting in line with none other that the beautiful and uber sweet Brooklyn Decker  (Super Model Extraordinaire) All four of us on a serious mission!   BTW did not realize it was her until later.   Anyhow.. This collab is so sought after that even those who attended the VIP night had to wait in a huge line..  TOTALLY WORTH  IT.

After about 35 minutes in line we entered what looked to be total and utter amazing fashion chaos.    Kinda like Black Friday but with really yummy strong martinis and food.  The cheesecake balls and salted caramel french macaroons were to die for!

Okay back to my story..

Picture this.   I’m reaching for the sweater that I’ve had my eye on for the last few month.   It’s there.. hanging.. alone.. could this be true?  I slowly reach my hand out and make contact.. and at that very moment  a very prominent fashion and entertainment journalist (who shall remain nameless) screams at the top of her lungs..  DON’T TOUCH THAT.. IT IS MINE!!!!!!  Whoa.. I recoil from the shock and then begin to laugh at the total hilarity of the situation.

I  will not accept defeat! 

I comb the place in search of another.. along the way picking up various potential items to take home with me.   I grab a coat.. try it on.. so super cute, it’s mine.   I grab a pull over that is almost identical to the sweater I want.   It’s super cute.. but not the prize.  Tommy and I make a deal.   I find my sweater,  he gets my pull over.   Done.

The hunt for the sweater continues.  

Me, Reinaldo and Tommy are working together.   It’s a team effort.  They grab stuff.  I grab stuff.  We swap.. trade.. try on.. stand guard.   I spill a glass if wine on a poor unsuspecting woman’s shoes. NOTE:  Just found out that she is a VP at WHO WHAT WEAR..  I apologize profusely.  She is super sweet about it.. I would have died!

We are now in line, which is wrapped around the store and right when I decided to accept sweater defeat, a sweet sweet soul walks by.   My sweater in hand… I decide to ask.. “Are you keeping that?” And out of her mouth come the most beautiful words I’d heard all night.   “Nope it’s too big.. you want it”  AHHHHHHHHHH..(angels singing)  YES!  I got my sweater.  Tommy got his pull over. Reinaldo got his turtle neck.

The night was complete.

I walked away with the exact two items that I wanted.

I heart the collection but I would say stick to the basics.  The coats are beautiful and at $150-$200 bucks… a steal.  If you have the extra cash go for the shoes.

Now if it would just cool down in L.A.  I’d be able to wear these two beauties.   COME ON LA… don’t you know I got some new Isabel Marant!!

Isabel Marant pour H&M

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2 responses to “Isabel Marant Pour H&M.. Braving the wild..”

  1. Tommy Lei says:

    Gurl, you crack me up! Btw, you spilled the drink on a VP from WhoWhatWear — she was adorable and we apologized profusely!!

    Love ya,

    • TayeTaye says:

      ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! Holy Cannoli!! I feel so bad.. I seriously would have been so made at me.. she was super sweet!

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