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FASHION FRIDAY..Crop tops and Faux Fur

 The Look
Coat: White Crow c/o
Top: Boohoo c/o
Pants: Staerk
Bag: RoviMoss c/o
Jewelry: Miriam Salat c/o
Booties: Celine

Since I am getting this post off to a late Last night being Halloween and it already being 9:45am..I have decided to make this one short and sweet.

Crop tops, high waists and faux fur.  Three trends that I adore.   Three trends that if done right are so very wearable.  Three trends that we all should try at least once.


I know that I have stated this before.. but am a firm believer that when wearing crops tops that 2 to 3 inches of mid drift MAXIMUM  should be exposed.  This means higher waists and NO BELLY BUTTONS!

Here’s the fun part about crop tops.. you can layer them 90’s Style (ie Clueless).. you can rock a super fun printed embellished one or a simple black stretchy one.. and still look AMAZE!

And for this trend.. don’t spent a whole lot of cash.. I would say between $20-$100 bucks is sufficient depending on the fabric and detail.

 Again these pants are a testament on buying classic..  I have owned them for years. 

And now I have assembled some super cute crop tops and high waisted pants.. along with the Miriam Salat jewelry and other stuff I am wearing..


Have a great weekend everyone!

Crop Tops and Faux Fur

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3 responses to “FASHION FRIDAY..Crop tops and Faux Fur”

  1. Joann Doan says:

    taye baybay – i am seriously crushin on these pants on you!! loves it!

    xx -jo

  2. nancy john says:

    she is very gorgeous lady

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