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Dry Shampoo.. Not just for White girls??

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Being that I’ve had this blog for a few years now… I have had the opportunity to test, try and dig into so many beauty products over the years.  Some I’ve bought, some sent via mail and some that have shown up in some very generous gift bags.  One of the products that continually shows up over and over again has been dry shampoo.

Now I generally do not let the fact that I am an
African American woman stop me from trying all sorts of products.  I am a believer that all products have potential to  be good for all people of all races.   It has more to do with the person and what’s right for them.  Example:  My college roommate who still happens to be one of my besties and who happens to be half Russian and half Vietnamese uses products designated for African American hair all the time.  It all depends on your texture.

With that said.. I have to say that with my above rule.. there was an exception..


I was convinced that this was not a product for Black women or any woman with a texture of hair other than straight.


DRY SHAMPOO.. It ain’t just for white girls..

It’s amazing and it’s for everyone!

Now I know the Black ladies reading this are probably like “HUH?”  …and the White Ladies reading are also probably like “HUH?”  …along with all the ladies in between..

Here’s the deal..

We all have hair.   We all have hair that gets dirty.   If you are anything like me you try to stretch that blowout as long as you possibly can whether you did it yourself or paid for it at the local blowout bar.  And..that’s exactly what a good dry shampoo does.. It stretches that blow out up to two more days.  Whether you use it two days after your blowout or five days after your blowout.

Here’s how it works.   Super simple.   Made up of oil absorbing agents (usually some form of powder)   you spray the dry shampoo on your scalp, usually about 6 to 10 inches away your head to not let it build up.  You can also dust it through out your hair lightly.   Then you massage it in or let it sit for a minute or two and brush it out.   I find that after you brush it out use a curling iron or hair dryer to add body and you are ready to walk out the door with at least one more day of fabulous hair!

Now one trick to finding a good dry shampoo also sometimes referred to as texture spray is that you want o pick one that is translucent.  Otherwise it comes as a white powder that will not look so hot on darker hair.

After doing a bit of research I have complied a list of the 10 best dry shampoos.. some I have used and love..

Dry Shampoo..

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3 responses to “Dry Shampoo.. Not just for White girls??”

  1. blondee says:

    Khlorane is also my favorite, but I also really like Alterna's Bamboo Style. It smells like fresh cucumber and doesn't dull my hair. Most of the dry shampoos make my hair pretty matte. The Alterna holds the shine.

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