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BEAUTY POST: Red lip isn’t the only bold face move.. Check out the BOLD EYE

 There is nothing like a simple yet powerful beauty look..

The bold red lip is not the only power move you can make on your face.  

A bold simple single color eyelid can have the same effect.. I say switch it up.    This face you see here comprised of all M·A·C Cosmetics fall colors..  Cause they ROCK.. took all of 15 minutes from start to end.

Start with
your normal foundation, concealer, powder routine.

Eyes: Pat your brush into the shadow pot and gather a bit of make up.  Tap your brush to remove excess.  The last thing you want is dark shadow all over your face.  Take a tissue and fold it.  Place it under your eye to catch the shadow that does fall and begin to push the shadow into your eyelid.  We are not creating a smoky eye so you can get lots of product in there from the start.  Continue this to the crease of your eyelid and slightly past the outside corner.  Repeat if necessary just in case the color is not saturated enough and BAM.  Perfect eye.

Cheeks: Start with your bronzer.. not too much, just a small amount on a larger powder brush.  Suck your cheeks in and apply from that point upward.  Getting the bulk of the color at that suck point (yes I just made that phrase up).   Then grab your blush brush and apply the the Margin Frost blush as you would a normal blush.  Or if you are me apply a little too much.  Blend the two and voila.. your cheek is done.

Mascara:  I always apply mascara last after all powders have been applied.  This brown mascara softens the look of the bold eye a bit.. making it great for daytime.  Apply two to three coats on your top lashes and a barley there coat on the bottom lashes.

Lips: This  Boldly Bare nude is hands down the best nude I have ever used.  It is exactly that.. BOLDLY BARE.   Line and fill in your lips with the pencil first.  Then lightly apply the Yash Nude lipstick or whatever nude works best for you.  Nude lip color is super individualized.  It’s one product you absolutely have to try out on your face to find the right one.  This one is very pale..but in a really light peach way.  LOVE IT!

 So there you have it folks.

Instead of a bold lip try a bold eye.   This same idea can be had with tons of different colors.. from plum to black to charcoal to navy blue.   I ADORE them all.


The Bold Eye..

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