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The Red Lip Never Dies.. 8 awesome red lipsicks…

No matter how many bright oranges,  neon pinks, fuchsias or ox blood lipsticks I have, there is a go to color that I and women have been wearing religiously since lip color was invented.  That color is Red.   In fact I am pretty sure that prehistoric  make up free
women must have pricked their fingers or searched out some type of red mud on special occasions  to get just the right red huge to entice the opposite sex.

Lets face it is a sexy color!

But there is a down side.   Before you wear that perfect red religiously, you actually have to find it. Ahh the task.. and it can be a task without the proper tools in hand.

First of all lets chat hues.  There are blue reds, orange reds, pink reds and the list goes on and on.  So which one is right for you?  Well in lots of cases it all depends on your hue.   Meaning your skin, it’s under tones, whether you are tan that month..etc..   That’s why I say invest in at least two different reds..

Example #1: I get pretty darn golden in the summer time.. and for those months I opt for a more orange red like the MAC Lady Danger I am wearing in the photo above.   I find orange reds to be more fun.. not so serious.. Better for day time etc..

Example #2  I get quite pale in the winter and I have a bit of a pink undertone.. So in those months I tend to go for a more blueish red like Dolce & Gabbana Fire Engine Red.  Blue reds are sexy and sophisticated.

Now I know what you are thinking..   How can I make these brash generalizations.. What about all the magazines that say certain reds are for certain skin colors?  I hear ya and this is what I have to say to that.  Buying make up is a process.   Throughout the years that I have been slathering it in my face I have found that some general rules apply and some don’t.

For me it’s a day to day, mood to mood thing.  I have both blue reds and orange reds in my make up bag.  Some days I throw on that go to blue red and it looks absolutely frightful and other days it looks undeniably beautiful.  It all depends on everything that is happening at that very time.

This is why I say that you should own at least two reds.   For those days when you throw on that go to color and it looks a hot mess.. you can simply grab a make up remover facial wipe (every woman should have a pack in her stash at all times) take that color off and rock your red alternative.  9  times out of 10 the alternative will fit for that day..   And if none of it works.. Grab a nude.. Oh don’t panic I will have a nude lip post coming up soon for ya but in the mean time check out my post on dark eyes nude lips HERE.

Now a couple tips to prepping and applying.

PREP: Always prep a few minutes ahead of time with a good lip balm.  Put on more that you need while you are working on the rest of your face. I adore these  HERE and HERE.

APPLY: Wipe of excess lip balm. Grab a good red lip liner.  Line and fill in your lips.  Blot excess. The apply your red lipstick. Blot excess.  Then apply again.  This helps to ensure that you have a good few hours of wear before signs of needing to apply more.


The Red Lip Never Dies..

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