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Shameless Plug: Orange Is The New Black (and Sexy) Parody.. & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

It’s finally here.. and I am so super excited..  Last week  some of you may have seen my Instagram post from a secret location shoot..  I have been dying to reveal.. and now I can.

Orange is the New Black (and Sexy) Parody from the amazing creators of Black and Sexy TV .. If you are not familiar with the web series The Couple and/or Hello Cupid.. make sure you head over and take a look.

It’s’s funny and you get to see me shake my butt!  

Check it out below..

It was such a fun day surrounded by incredibly talented people.  Like
Issa Rae (the Mis Adventures of an Awkward Back Girl) and Jessa Zarubica
(It’s not Porn.. it’s HBO) and a whole host of other amazing ladies and

And… if that’s not awesome enough.. cast members from the actual OITNB have tweeted how much they love the parody!  Doesn’t get better than that!

Oh yeah.. and my mug shot

Be sure to visit the Black and Sexy TV YouTube channel and leave a comment.


OITNB (& Sexy Parody)

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  1. So funny, I love it!

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