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Finding Your Perfect Scent.. 10 yummy perfumes..

Perfume is and will always be a very personal part of life.  Because of our individual body chemistry, no single scent smells the same on two people.   What smells like heaven in one person can also smell like a garbage can on the next.  And shopping for the right fragrance can be super challenging.  Standing in front of the wall  beautiful bottles at your

local department store can be overwhelming.  Spraying… Smelling… putting your nose in that little jar of coffee beans only to start the process over again..  By the time you are done, you are most likely no closer to owning a scent that when you started out.

So I thought I would give you a couple guidelines to finding your scent.

Here goes.. Now remember, this is the way I do it and so far it has worked out lovely.

1. Figure out what family or families of scents work best on you.  Are you a musky gal.. a sweet gal or  a floral gal?

2. Get samples before you buy. Remember that the scent will change over time with your body chemistry.   Often when I am looking for a scent I ask the sales person to make me a small sample that I can take home and wear for a couple days.   That way you have a chance to see how your chemistry works with that fragrance. 

3.  Buy small sizes.  I like to test a fragrance out by buying the roller ball version first.  Many companies are making small travel size roller ball versions of their most popular scents.  They are generally around $10-$20 bucks and once you find the one you love they are perfect for travel.

4.  Never be afraid to ask someone what perfume they are wearing,  It’s a great place to start.

5.  Lastly,  shop perfume from a retailer that has a full return policy.  That way if you get it home and absolutely cannot stand it, you can take it right back!

Right now I am obsessed with See By Chloe..  It’s a great fresh and
fruity scent.  Not too strong and wears beautifully over the course of
the day.  I started by getting the small paint on version first.  It’s a
mini version of the big bottle with a brush wand attachment for easy
application.  $35 bucks and great for travel.. grab it HERE

Below I have complied a list of ten perfumes from various scent families that either I or my close friends are wearing at the moment. The all are lovely..


Finding Your Scent…

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