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MY NYFW foto diary…In lieu of OUTFIT TUESDAY..


So instead of a traditonal Outfit Tuesday post I thought I would round out all my New York Fashion Week posts..  With a good old photo diary.  What I love about photo diaries.. which I actually rarely do on here is that they are super random, super not curated and just straight from the heart.   Like a written diary, I just threw out all the photos from behind the scenes at fashion week and
a couple that were sent to me.  Pretty much everything you guys have not seen yet.  This grouping sums up my glorious week in NYC.    Amidst all the serious posing going on at Lincoln center.. there was an equal amount of pure silliness.. and lots and lots of laughs.  I hope you enjoy!

At the BCBG HQ the night before the runway show
Hanging at Lincoln Center early one morning with my Nikon
Getting Photoged by the Photogs
Lovely gifts from CC Skye when I arrived
Dancing with the crew
The BCBG NYFW Survival Kit
Free green Juice.. YES!
amazing salad from Wichcraft
Two of my faves
BCBG through my Nikon
Nicki Minaj taking selfies at Herve Lerger
More Dancing
Extended Crew
My crew.. Nikia and Jae
Photoged on the quad
Early morning pick me up
Styled to Rock Vevo Party
A wrap on day 2
I photo bombed Patricia Field.. twice!  YES!
Old Italian Tailor I met.
Citi bikes and my bestie.
When sugar calls at Midnight.
Ain’t nobody fresher than my…
This Brahmin bag is everything!
Just hangin with Amelia
NYPD’s finest..
So many options
Does he need an intro?
Dinner with the Ted Baker gals
The beauty of NYC…
Interviewing Ebony White of Styled to Rock
With Numa after NYFW turn to NY research week..
The Legendary Sardis
All I need is a six shooter
Doing what I love to do
Fresh face..
Nikia’s turn
Photoged by the photogs
Photoged by the photogs

 It was a great trip…

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  1. Thanks for the interesting post here online.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just discovered your blog and think this is amazing. Thank you for sharing your NYFW experience.

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