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How to keep up with all your social media.. Getting Social..with Pose and more..

Yesterday Pose featured my look in a “what to wear post”  Thanks so much guys!!

..Which got me to thinking ..

I joined the super cute fashion social media site a couple weeks ago.  My first thought was oh dear.. another social media site that I have to keep up with.. how will I ever do it?   

Thus bringing me to write on KEEPING UP.   Here’s the thing, social media can be a scary thing.. even daunting and often seem like a whole lot to KEEP UP WITH.  But it doesn’t have to be.   Right now I am on several social media sites and the great part is they all link to each other.  So instead of having to constantly post, you can post to one and link to the others.  Super easy and a great way to bring people to your blog or website.

So where’s what I am on..

a life album of sorts.. document your life visually.. everything and anything.

140 characters to speak your mind.. Great place to talk about social issues..tell people what you are up to instantly and post links..
Super cool place to share and shop what people are wearing..
You can follow my blog as well as all the blogs you love all in one place.
A hub of it all..  
I am also on Pinterest, Tumblr, and I am slowly but surely getting my YouTube Channel in order..

So explore.. sign up..follow me.. follow some other awesome folks..and remember to link them all to each other.

Happy Wednesday..
Get Social.. I “Like”
Taye 😉

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