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Beauty Stuff: Bangs & Bobs

Bangs & Bobs

Taking your tresses from long to short can be a
stressful, sometimes traumatic experience.  The questions that loom, 
“What if I hate it”?  “What if everyone else hates it”?  It takes
courage.   I mean we are not fighting a war here but a drastic change
definitely stirs a battle in your head.  Especially a change so visible.  One you are clearly unable to hide from if heaven forbid
something goes wrong.  Let’s face it, your hair is right there. It’s
the first thing on your body.

So with that said
Let’s talk bangs and bobs..

did the major
chop to my hair about two months ago, after a 5
year love affair with long hair.  Believe me it took me about 5
months to finally decide to go for it.  It’s not like I’ve never had
short hair.  I am a bonafide hair experimenter.  The day I graduated
from high school I headed straight to the salon and promptly cut about 7 inches
from my hair.. And in the year to follow it would go from a bob to
pretty much a buzz cut, give or take an inch.  I’ve been a blond, a red
head, a brunette with major highlights and even accidentally in an at home
experimental phase ended up with pink hair.  Thank god for brown dye
kits.  The pink was not for me.

seem to be getting grossly off point.  Okay lets reel it back in.  I
say all of this to say that I did all of that and I still have hair.  The best part about hair is that it grows back..and depending on your
vitamin regimen, it grows back fairly quickly.

going from one extreme to the other does require some changes in your
daily and weekly routine.  Short hair requires a whole new set of
products, and styling aids.  And me having naturally super curly hair,
it took me a few weeks to really get the hang of it.  Now everyone will
form their own routine.  In hopes of maybe providing a bit of inspiration
I thought I would share mine.


Here we go..
Tools needed and what the hec to do with them.  As you read on refer to the handy visual aid at the beginning of this post.

Proliss Ionic Hair Dryer.   Whether you blow your hair out once a day
or once a week. An ionic hair dryer dries your hair faster and does much
less damage.  I adore mine.

Drybar Hair Clips.  While you are blowing out your Bob..part your hair
into four sections and use these clips to hold it in place.  I usually
part around from ear to ear leaving a top and bottom section then I part
the bottom half and work my way up to the middle.  I section the top
half down the middle and work my way up from each ear.  I completely separate my bangs from it all and secure in place until the rest if my hair is dry.  I secure the
hair in each clip so as I am blowing out the loose sections the other
sections don’t dry up.  If you have curly hair like me, the key to a good
blowout is to start with wet hair.   

3. Phyto 7.  This non greasy moister cream is  brilliant.  I apply it to my wet hair from roots to ends and a little more anywhere my hair is a bit more dry.  For me that is the center of my head and both sides by my ears.   I was a bit reluctant at first because it is a bit pricey for such a small tube.  However a little goes a long way. 

4. Olivia Garden Round Bristle Ceramic Brush.  This is where for me the huge difference is between short and long hair.  Before I cut my hair I never used a round brush to blow dry.  This brush makes all the difference between a flat lifeless bob and a bouncy beautiful bob.  Even if you flatiron afterwards.  Which is necessary for those of us with curly hair.  Here’s the thing.  Don’t try to emulate what you see your stylist do when they blow out your hair.  It’s impossible due to to the fact that your arms are attached to your body.  Take a second and figure out what positioning works best for you.  For me, I grab a section, roll the hair around the brush first,  then apply the heat.  Working my way from the roots to the ends and using a whole lot of tension.

5. L’Oreal total repair 5.  Heat protectant is super important in maintaining the shine and bounce if your bob.  Whether you flatiron or just curl, putting a barrier between your strands and the iron is a must.  There are a ton of thermal protectant products out there and L’Oreal has been rocking my world lately with their total repair system.  I spray a tiny amount of this dry oil into the palm of my hands and distribute it evenly through my freshly blown out hair before any further styling takes place.  It protects and smells great!

6. T3 Single Pass Flat Iron.  Here is what I have to say about flat irons.  They are not all created equal.  Invest in a good one and you will save both time and money.   Take it from me.  I have wasted more money trying to get a cheaper flatiron that ends up not working.   Anyhow.. A good flatiron can curl, straighten, defrizz and seal in shine.  I always go over my blowout with a flatiron.   Sealing the cuticle of your hair helps to eliminate the frizz that occurs when you step outside.  For the curly haired gals.. just pass the iron on your roots to ensure that they stay straight.

7. Amika triple barrel curling Iron.  Three curlers in one.  Great for making tousled beachy bedroom waves.  Use the biggest iron for a longer bob.. and the smaller irons to add texture to shorter cuts.  It comes with a handy glove to protect your hand.


Bangs are not as scary as they seem.  Here’s what to do.  Use your round brush.. wrap your bangs around it as far as they will go.  Blow dry with tension.  Once dry, use a small tooth comb and flat iron straight.  Pass the iron through a few times.  Slightly curve the iron under towards the end of the last pass to get a slight bend.  I do this every day.. even on the days that I do not wash my hair.  

 ..And now some bangs and bobs that I adore.

  From right to left..

1. Karlie Kloss: The Short, sexy and flirty bob with a medium bang.  This bob is easy to maintain and even easier to grow out

2. Rihanna:  The edgy bob with long bangs.  This is a daring move due to the extreme differences in hair lengths that will adorn your head all at one time.. Super cool.  Rock and roll!

3.Keira Knightley:  The Lob with long bangs.  It’s the long bob.  Not too scary.   Super cute and will work on everyone.

4.Linda Evangelista:  The classic sophisticated bob with a shorter bang.  This bob stands the test of time.  Case in point.. this photo was taken in 1996.

Okay so now that you are armed with the facts.. and some pretty awesome inspiration.. get out there and chop your locks..  


Happy Monday

Bang’s & Bob’s.. I “Like”

Taye 😉

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  1. ileanamarcel says:

    Stumbled upon your blog today! Love this post……I actually did a similar post on bangs and bobs…great minds think alike. I love your chic short hair….looks amazing on you. I wish more girls we be brave to cut off there hair. I feel that there is so many more styling options. Lucky us!

    OC style blog

  2. Morgann says:

    I really love your blog, I just came across it. Your formatting and content are great, I look forward to following!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Keira Knightly is "the Lob" not Olivia Wilde.

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