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Beauty Post…Bright Bold Lips

I adore a bright bold lip.. For me a bold lip has no season..  Red seems to be the go to for a brights.  Why not?  It’s easy and
once you find the right red for you it’s kind of a no brainer to help your entire look come together.  In the summer why not shake up the mix.  Instead of red, go for a bright orange or an electric coral.  Even a hot fuchsia will do.  All three sizzle in the heat and all three are guaranteed to make you a stand out in the room.

Before we chat about my favorite shades, lets have a quick chat about the prep and this prep is not just for a bright lip.  Prepping your lips for any saturated creamy or matte lipstick is a must.
So here’s the trick.  It’s super simple.  

Before you start your make-up routine and I’m talking before you even pick up the foundation primer, slather your lips with an insane amount of lip balm.  While you are working out the rest of your face the lip balm is transforming your lips into cushions of paradise just waiting for that bold color to land!  

When it’s time to apply your lipstick.  Wipe the balm off.  My tool of choice..the back of my hand.  Kissing or blotting usually does the trick.  It gets just enough product off and leaves just enough on.  I don’t recommend using a tissue.  The fibers from the tissue will get suck to your lips and tissue fibers mixed with bold color is not a good thing..

Okay got it..?

 STEP 1 

Alright.. let’s move on to color.  There are so many varieties of bold saturated lipsticks out there now that what ever your preference there is really no excuse no to try one.

I love a good bold Matte Lipstick but I do understand that this is not every one’s cup of tea.  So I have assembled a group of bold colors in different varieties and prices.  Pretty much something for everyone.

side note: I tend to not use a lip liner with bold lipstick unless I am applying a red.  With these tones the colors are so specific that just applying the color will do.

 STEP 2 
Apply Color

If you are more geared towards shine,  go for the Revlon, Stila or Urban Decay.   More interested in Matte?   The Nars and Wet n Wild will rock your world and if you want a good old creamy lipstick, go for the M.A.C.

All links below will lead you to the world of Bright Bold Lips!


So get in there and get bold.  It’s a great way to change up your look for a very small price tag!

Happy Monday!!

Bright Bold Lips… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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