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Beauty Post: DYI Mani Pedi..

DYI Mani Pedi
I am starting to notice a trend with me that never seemed to be an issue in the past.  In the last year I have been so super busy that my normal weekly, even by monthly trip to the nail salon has become more of a “when or if I can ever get there”.   I’m sure so many of you can relate.  
True story..  one day a few months back.. after meetings, a photo shoot and an audition I happen to look downward towards my feet which where sitting very patiently in a pair of strappy high heeled sandals and saw what appeared to be my heels (the one’s actually attached to my body) in desperate need of lotion.   I decided to inspect the situation a little closer and to my horror saw that my heels were cracked, had dead skin clamoring for space to take up residence and where in desperate need of an overhaul.  How could it come to this?  I had just had a pedicure.   Wait no that was last week.  Wait no that was a month ago?   Crap it was almost two months ago!  The reality set in.  Almost two months had gone by without a trip to the nail salon and BAM.. my feet had the evidence to prove it.  From that day forward I was a girl on a mission.  If life was going to make me too busy to get to the salon, I was going to bring the salon to me.  Well a mini version of it at least.
In came the products, tools and bare necessities to keep my hands and feet presentable in between Mani Pedi’s.  
Although I have provided a handy visual above, allow me to break it down..
Here are the essentials..
1.A good pumice stone.  I keep mine in the shower and pumice every day, ensuring that I will never see that dead skin waging war on my heels again.
2. Nail File, cuticle clippers, toe nail clippers, foot soak and a natural bristle scrub brush for quick repairs and touch ups.
3. Polish remover.  When your polish chips, take it all off.  It’s better to have a clean natural nail than hands and feet with chipped polish.
4. Cuticle/nail oil and hand Cream.  Which I also use on my feet.  Slather it on before bed and let it soak in over night.
5. A base coat/ strengthener. This keeps your nails strong and protected in between visits.
6. A high shine top coat.  Just in case you venture into polishing your own nails with color.
7. Hair, nail and skin vitamins.  No matter how healthy you eat, in today’s world you have to take supplements.  Period!  There are elements that are completely out of our control and a great supplement will both help prevent and help restore your nails.

Along with the list above I assembled a list of 21 tools and products that I adore below.  Scroll through to see the whole list.

Have a Happy Happy Monday!

DYI Mani Pedi’s.. I “Like”

Taye 😉

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