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OUTFIT TUESDAY..Blurred Lines.. Plus 50% off the top I’m wearing

The Look
Top: Lolly  50% Discount code LOLLYHELENA50
Blazer: Stella & Jamie (gifted)
Shorts: Victoria Beckham
Shoes: Isabel Marant
Clutch: MeChar (gifted)
Ring: WildFox via Chic Peek

I’ve been a bit bored lately.. and that is not to say that I have not been super busy.  It has been a wonderful summer so far.  When I say bored I mean quite frankly with myself…

The state of blogging..etc..  It seems like everything is beginning to resemble everything else and everyone is becoming the same person.  This is not to say that this is happening across the board.  I still log on and find warm and fuzzy inspo from a handful of creative people.  What would the world be with out them right..

Anyhow.. after hundreds of outfit posts.. and hundreds of blog posts something has got to give right.  The pot must be stirred.. 

Okay I am getting a bit philosophical and probably using that word completely wrong but it sounds good in the context and you get what I’m say.  Right?

Here comes another Anyhow…

Anyhow.. (ha!)  with that said.. I decided to shake this post up a little.. I attended the opening reception of the Daido Moriyama show at Prism Gallery.  His work lit a bit of a fire under me.. grainy, black and white.. high contrast and a bit of rebellion.  Leading me right into today’s post..

These images are a rebellion against myself.. against my normal .. perfect.. formatted images that land on this blog twice a week..  We had fun.. we got in trouble with security.. We were told to stop and we did not let that stop us.. How could we.. There was a mission to be completed.. and that’s what was going to happen.

Alright now that I’ve got that off my chest.. lets chat about the clothes..  Everything I am wearing I adore.. from the Victoria Beckham skort (yes another skort) to the beautiful Stella & Jamie blazer to the super cute Lolly embellished tee.   All coming together in a blended black, white and muted pallet.  Who says you always have to wear bright color in the summer time!

Just for my readers LOLLY Clothing and I teamed up to give you 50% off this super cute embellished top for the rest of July.  This tee is thick, structured.. so darn well made and super versatile .. it will take you right into fall..

CLICK HERE and don’t forget to use the discount code LOLLYHELENA50 to get 50% off. 

Have a wondrous Tuesday everyone and go blur some lines!

Blurred Lines… I “Like”

*images by Numa Perrier.  Artist..Writer..Actress Creative

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