By Taye


FASHION FRIDAY.. The Helmut Newton Effect

Today’s Look
Top: LNA
Pant’s: Sugarlips
Bag: MeChar Handbags (c/o)
Coat & Shoes: Zara
Sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana c/o Sunglass Hut
Ring: Tiffany Kunz Jewelry

We can get wrapped up in the idea of complexity in every single one of them.  Yet the essence of all four is quite simple.  All being in the eye of the beholder, which make
all genuinely diverse.  Your art is what you see.  Your photography is what you see.  Your style is what you see.  Your beauty is what you see.  Through your eyes..through your experiences.

Don’t worry there is a point.  This Wednesday I took the afternoon to go see the Helmut Newton exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography.  I adore this space.  It’s a great way to soak up master creativity and it’s free.  I knew very little about “the man” Helmut Newton before I walked through those doors save for the fact that he had an incredible eye.  I have to admit I was so very intrigued by the title of the work.  

White Women.  Sleepless Nights.  Big Nudes.  

The actual work is just as intriguing, thought provoking and alive!

Mr. Newton was a particular man who photographed beauty in a particular way.  Simple yet very directed.  He directed his subject on every detail.  Their foot pointed with a certain elegance. Their finger wrapped around a cigarette in a particular way.  Bodies stretched.. never hunched.  Mostly Nude.  Everyone he photographed was completely still yet filled with life.   So much of this captured in a little film made with a little camcorder by his incredible wife June.  Before reality TV.. Candid moments.. Voyeuristic moments..  Life becomes art.. and art coming to life.

With that said.. behold FASHION FRIDAY.. The Helmut Newton effect..

 Where’s my lip balm?

Oh hi there..

It’s hot..




oh there it is..

Cat ears and Louis Vuitton .. A natural pair

Pebbled Leather

a swipe of blue on the lid and nothing else..

I want to see you..

close to the man.

Thank you to Numa Perrier for the wonderful photo’s..

Have a beautiful weekend!

Life becomes art… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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